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when you just joined a new fandom and you are looking for cool posts but you accidentally see a spoiler

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It’s hard to imagine that when I will be 45 my son might reblog from me

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why allow urself to be full of hate when u can be full of pasta instead 

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The most difficult thing is to go on pretending I’m okay in life but secretly worrying about the well being of Erwin Smith.

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The whole Free! fandom after episode 9.

The whole Free! fandom after episode 9.

Nagisa x Rei x Rin

—Free! Eternal Summer Ep 7

Free! Eternal Summer Episode 7 {episode 8 preview}

Rei: Nagisa-kun, can you translate “Kiss me” into Japanese?
Nagisa: Isn’t it just “kiss me”?
Rei: That’s what I thought. I overheard Makoto-senpai saying “Kiss me” just now.
Nagisa: Huh?!? Who did Mako-chan say “Kiss me” to?
Rin: Both of you. Your pronounciation is horrible. It’s “Kiss me.”
Rei: Rin-san!
Nagisa: Next episode, “The Locomotion of a Twist!”
Rei: Kiss me.
Rin: Kiss me.
Rin: Perfect body.
Rei: Perfect body.

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—how everyone feels after episode 9.


this is how i feel after episode 9….

seriously fuck this episode

—episode 9, in a nutshell


Haru fucking broke my heart in this episode.

From the beginning of the anime, we know Haru loves the water, he loves swimming free, he truly doesn’t care about his time or being scouted but I feel like - in this episode - it’s the first time that we truly saw that.

Haru has been lately put under a lot of pressure, what does he want to do next year ? Does he wants to go pro ? Will he accept the scouts many offers ? Will he and his friends win the relay this year ? Although he didn’t give two shits about being scouted or not, the fact that he was, the fact that many people think he has a great talent, that people are counting on him, that he’s being called the pride of Iwatobi High School, that made it all real for him, serious, it made swimming serious.

And Haru doesn’t want that, he doesn’t want the pressure, he doesn’t want to think about his immenient future, he doesn’t want to swin to for someone else, Haru only swims free, he only swims for himself and his friends. 

This is why he stopped in the middle of the race because Haru swims because he wants to, not because he has to and especially not to impress someone else. Being put in this situation, under this stress, literallymade him feel like he couldn’t swim anymore, like he wasn’t free anymore. You can even see it as he swims, at the beginning the water is clear like usual but soon and it becomes dark, dark like when Sousuke swims because now, swimming because as painful for Haru because of the stress as it is for Sousuke because of his shoulder. 

This scene was as powerful as it was heartbreaking because he Haru can’t swim freely, he won’t swim at all.


Harurin + Breakdowns

Ermergerd dis sad shit is deja vu….